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that was really fking weird. and certainly kudos on the jacket, a swastika on your hand, thats a tattoo you cannot bullshit, but this is what i mean when i say the naive racism and common idea of national socialism is so brillliant in its simplicity, its a way to make people feel good about themselves and the violence and murder that comes with it makes it so real, its you feel good about yourself for no valid reason whatsoever, you were simply born with white parents, and this is something weve all felt at some point, growing up, that "im probably special, i think i might be "the one"" but its hard to commit fully to such a vauge idea which mainly achossed, because you know its silly, its like fantasizing about impressing the girl you got a crush on by shooting laser out your eyes and saving her from the creature from the black lagoon. you could have dinner with her, make a kick ass pasta and and and develop a codependent relationship that has a limited life time and will permanently contort your view on women and life, point is, if you back up an argument, any argument, with a whole heap of brutal murder and torture, in broad daylight, it becomes kimd of... true somehow. your mind believes it even if you hate it and refuse to admit it, but its a physical thing, totally irrational but hardwired into your body