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History Of Happy Hardcore - Happy Mayhem (Total Destruction Records Mix)


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Dutch label 'Total Destruction Records' was created in 2013 by Casketkrusher and is totally dedicated to the early hardcore sounds from the 90's. These records are a lot of fun and have that authentic old skool feel to them so I decided to put some of my favourites in a mix.
Happical Movement - Once Again
Malice - Check Dis Out!
Malice - The Stomper
Casketkrusher - What The Heck?!
Casketkrusher & Luffy - Feel The Melody
Sir Trancelot - Freedom
Casketkrusher - Black Magic (A Raver's Dream Remix)
Happical Movement - Let Me Hear It!
Sir Trancelott & Happical Movement - Groove On... Ecstasy
Casketkrusher & E-Core - Toon TV
Casketkrusher - Runnin' Wild
Casketkrusher - Techno Domination
Casketkrusher - Strictly Happy
Chiqui & Luffy - Deep in the Underground (Casketkrusher's Happy Gabba Mix)
Disembowelment - Give Me A Break!!! (Casketkrusher's No Breax Mix)
Re-Charge - Why Can't We See? (Casketkrusher Remix)
Luffy & Gilda - Nobody Does It Better (Casketkrusher Remix)
Casketkrusher - Brotha & Sistah
Casketkrusher - Here It Comes!
Casketkrusher & E-Core - Toon TV (Toons Of Terror Mix)
The Soul Seeker - Riffs & Beats (Full Of Hate Mix)
Casketkrusher feat. DJ Ad - Check This! (Motherfucker Mix)