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Blunted Needles “Sharpest Tool In The Box” on UNDALI Records
If you love the raw undiluted reality of UK Hip Hop, this is probably gonna be one of your biggest LP’s of the month if not year. Blunted Needles has the formula in the lab and on the decks he has the skills. Otherwise I doubt he’d have most of the UK big Dogs reppin let alone performing on this debut.
It’s hard to pick out a favourite out of these tracks too, which is a very good sign. With Skinnyman, Forgein Beggars, Dubbledge,UnDALI, Stig of the Dump,Plan B Doc Brown and Task Force, it is a heavyweight line up indeed.

Stig Of the Dump ”The Homeless Microphonist EP” Beer & Rap
Although the title says EP, this is long enough to count as an album. Stig has risen through the ranks of UK Hip Hop through his constant Battling. He’s won many many battles. Ido gets on the dials for this musical outing. Stig may reflect the reality of UK Living in his lyrics, but he still manages to come across as down to earth and humorous. He’s a bit like a one man Alkoholics. His versatile style ranges from street philosophy on the “Journey”, to throwing up all over the street on “Ill Billys”. He even has a laugh at himself on “Fatty & Specky” ft.Dr.Syntax. Rhite Whino shows Stig’s double time skills off, whilst the track samples an ode to booze. Excellent debut, better check this.