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    whats good Joe B here from the Rebel Crew sound in Houston.
    Started off as a b-boy then dj then producer been killing sound since 86. In 98 or so I got turned on to DnB mostly reggae styles but being already from the old school hip hop the rave kids were not trying to hear my crew and its involvement in DnB in Texas as a whole. In other words they played themselves cause at the end of the day its all dope beats , breaks & bass . Not very many of them around today > real talk. In 2000 my crew was booked on a tour thru the UK we got to play Homelands fest . I got introduced to UKG and was blown away , I brought mad records back to Houston with connections directly to distribution but it was way too a head for the DnB scene in Houston. The whole time my crew is basically making Trap music and didnt really even know . Houston is in the dirty south . I'm honestly over it all i just want to do what i feel and not really conform to any genre , if you have been dj'ing for as long as I have you might agree. Im just getting around to a desk handling some business long over due. We have a 24/7 radio station called rebel radio and Im just making sure our DnB programming is up to par hence my presence here today.

    a demo of me and my m.c. Lenky Don just clowning in the studio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLxGobQBU1g&feature=share&list=UUzg3XjHehw9-d538ACm6O2g