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Feb 7, 2011
Abiade is an up and coming hip hop emcee from South East London, he has been on the underground scene for a while and caught our attention with his clever lyricism and creative beats. To date Abiade has released two mixtape’s and is now ready to release his debut full length album ‘The Industry & Me (TIAM)’. Abiade has been kind enough to take the time out of his busy schedule and have a little chat with us about his impending release and himself as an artist in general, this is what he had to say;

Where about in South East London did you grow up?

Camberwell, that’s home and always will be

If at all, how do you feel that living in South East London has affected your musical style/output?

Massively – our wit, sarcasm and humour is unrivaled worldwide; our influence on image worldwide and fashion as well. All massively involved in any good artist’s musings. London’s mad competitive as well so its encouraged me to focus on going down my own route and figuring myself out as an artist.

At what age did you first decide to start making rap music?

About 13 properly, before that I used to disguise the fact I was a bit of a outcast by writing nursery rhymes dissing people on school trips.

If anyone, who was the main influence in your decision to take up rapping at such a young age?

No one, when you’re that young no one really does, everyone’s playing Pokemon or whatever. I just always loved music literally and it fed down from my folks and their music collection.

Since the days of raiding your parents music collection, what artists would you say have had a musical influence on you?

It ranges but I guess Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, Bone Thugs, Shawn Carter, Blur, Andre 3000, TY, Timbaland before Pop/dance, Phil Spector. These are the essentials

What have been your major influences with regard to your lyrics and songwriting?

I’ll be honest, girls, alcohol and bad times. When affected by these I’m bound to write something, might not make it onto a track but it might spur on the next track I write.

When did you first decide to start producing your own beats?

Since I’ve been rapping, it took a backseat because I just wanted to focus on rhymes but yeah since then

Did you produce any of the beats for your debut album ‘The Industry & Me’?

I did but I’m honest with myself, the ones I made just weren’t suited to this project so my own beats didn’t make the final cut. I need to have a word with myself.

So who did you decide to get in on the production for ‘The Industry & Me’?

Bunch of underground guys I’ve either met, known for years or got to know through different venues so peeps like Mr Mitch, Zaheer, SRecords, Devastator, Bare Beats, MumboJumbo. Nik Gonzalez, Reezy, Baron Samedi, Mark Goble and Kripptonnic Beats

How long did it take you to record your debut album ‘The Industry And Me’?

Well over a year but mainly because some fukker burgled my yard and stole my laptop with the first recordings so I had to start from scratch, massive blessing in disguise though. With that being said, I’d love to meet the fukker!

What if any, was the main reason behind the title to your album ‘The Industry And Me’?

Well it wasn’t too much of a task, I don’t title projects until I have something which feels right so once I had the concept with was based around the highs and lows of the industry I figured I’d split it so that there was two sides of the album, me and the industry, not me AGAINST the industry, that needs to be made clear I think.

What classification would you give to your music in terms of genre?

Perfectly confused. Its a big sound. Its not underground, its not mainstream, it finds itself somewhere in-between but make no mistakes the music is rave ready, dance ready, chill-ready, head-bop stuff and some to make you tear up. That for me, in my genre of rap goes above and beyond any typical conventions.

Do you find that you have any preference between recording music in the studio and performing live in front of an audience?

Different animals all together, nothing like hearing that fresh mix of something you’ve recorded but performing is when you know if it was worth it in the studio. I’ve had more fun on stage than in studios though.

Would you care to share with us the weirdest or strangest encounter you’ve been faced with while performing at a live event?

There’s some crazy stuff that loads of artists signed to unsigned will never speak of and so they shouldn’t cause some of it is mad, but having a dude suck on his asthma pump in a hurry then make me sign it THEN his girlfriends tit is one of the more surreal ones. Like, his chick, I’m signing, her chest, on his request, what happened when they went home I don’t really wanna know to be fair

What are your plans for the future in terms of your music?

I have no plans other than to amaze you. I’m sure the rest will happen in time

Finally, when does the new album ‘The Industry & Me come out & where can we get it?

27th September 2011, it’ll be available digitally on the main outlets (bandcamp, amazon , itunes, spotify) and physically at my shows so FIND ME I perform loads.

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