Hip Hop Beat Anyone??

i like it mate nice ideas you got there, the other tunes are quite nice, little empty drum wise but the ideas are there, how long you been producing for? and your name is no relation to the mc conrad right?
First off, loving the scratching. Real nice.

The piano loop is catchy as fuck. Drums are good, sound a little light in places.

Could do with more bass throughout maybe. Nicely constructed track.

Real nice stuff though mate. I'll check out your other ones on myspace when I next go online at home.
i might aswell post the feedback in here, its a solid track good ideas i personally wouldnt of gone with that basssline, tbh it sounds a bit cheap imo. I can tell you know your stuff just gettin the sounds right to fit your ideas, keep at it, your on your way deffo!
really? cus wud be awsome.I havnt really got nething audio i'd wanna send yet but im on it, soon as i do ill send u a little summat. check out the diss the person above thread, got a couple good lines in there...
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