HijaQ - Something Deep #011

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    I played this set yesterday at the Special Request 007 gig. There was a bad record, so I repeat this set in the studio for my podcast.

    There are many of my new tracks from my forthcoming album, which will be released on my label "Something Deep" later this year.

    I hope you'll enjoy this mix and thanks for everyone who came yesterday. Special Request to all of you. lol. Enjoy this sick mix )


    Bulb Feat. Tiiu - Distinctions Of The Same
    HijaQ - Coma
    HijaQ - Voice Of The Void
    HijaQ - Separate
    Lung - Relapse
    Sobersoul - Dazzle Tears
    Bulb - Lonely Gravity
    HijaQ - Even Stars Die
    Anex - Stormclouds
    HijaQ - Microscopic Galaxies (Forge Remix)
    HijaQ - Lonely Planet
    HijaQ - Steps Of Eternity
    Bulb Feat. Tiiu - Gray Snow
    Getz - Life Is The Show
    Ew1 - Please
    HijaQ - In Further Blackness
    Velvet - Emotional Gatsby Line

    Listen: http://www.mixcloud.com/HijaQ/hijaq-something-deep-011/

    Download: http://dnbshare.com/download/HijaQ-SomethingDeep011192kbps.mp3.html