Hiiii Guys


time for heroes.
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I'm Laura / Zez... I'm from mighty Essex, but I'm usually in Bedforshire with cK. I'm 17, and at the moment I'm working in a pub before I go back to college in September to finish my A Levels.

I've been into drum and bass for about a year or two, I'm into the more breaky and techy stuff. Tech Itch, Plejik, Chris SU etc. Erm... how long have I been posting on dnbforum? Should say somewhere to the left <<<<<<<<<<<<<<.
Don't post so much anymore, used to be addicted to the interweb, but I'm slowly weaning myself off hah.

Errrm I've been to Breakneck quite a few times, 21st Nov 2003 was my first drum and bass event which I'd recommend to anyone!

Since then I've been to events like Herbal and Slammin', but I seem to be going to Hardcore events nearly every weekend now.

I know SDM and Triple M who kindof smell but they're nice guys really. Listen to some of SDM's tunes!

This is turning into my lifestory and I'm quite a boring person really so I won't carry on any further.

Bye dudes!!!