Highs, Lows, Minimalism and Melody - SBM last week

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During the past week three producers have been under the sub-bassmusic spotlight. The tracks included have covered the realms of Dubstep, Techno and Deep Dub.

There was first time features for two of these artists. A deep, deep Dub called ‘Moving’ came from minimalist Dub stylist, JnG. The use of layers and subtle vocal sampling added multiple dimensions to this piece. Steve Lee brought forth two inter-related snippets, Tap 13 and Tap15, each of which had its only distinct musical and rhythmic personality.

A revisit to the sound of Ishtar brought a paradoxical Dubstep remix of Lady GaGa’s, ‘Just Dance’. Featuring the bold Ishtar sound this piece also includes a dreamy synth section, adding a sense of journey and narrative to this piece of Dubstep.