Highly Blessed 20 years of rave music part 2


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Highly Blessed Proudly Present…..br /20 Years Of Rave Music Part 2 – Saturday 15th September 2007br /@ The Mass Complex, Brixton – 10pm – 6am

Highly Blessed Proudly Present…..
20 Years Of Rave Music Part 2 – Saturday 15th September 2007
@ The Mass Complex, Brixton – 10pm – 6am

Red Arena: Highly Blessed
DJ’s: Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost, Nicky Black Market,
Profile, Phantasy, Live O, Modified Motion, Sparxx

MC’s: Shabba D, Eksman, IC3, Det, Junglist, Curse, Eva,
Verbal Destruction, Eva, Yardie, J Swif, Fever, Blacka, CD, Shaydee, Loki, Flexa, JC, Rhymes

Green Arena: Jungle Splash
DJ’s: Terry T, Funky Flirt, Devious D, Red Ant,
SL, Runtingz, Uncle Dugs

MC’s: Moose, 5ive 0, Ragga Twins, Junior Dangerous

Yellow Arena: Fantastic Ibiza (est 1989)
DJ’s: Top Buzz, Rat Pack, Grooverider (special rage set), Jumping Jack Frost, Phantasy, Nicky Black Market, Swan E, Food Junky

MC’s: Mad P, Everson Allen, Fearless, Shockin

Blue Arena: Back To The Dawn – Hosted by Origin FM
DJ’s: Mister T, Ezm, Mix Master Max, Rusher n’ Fox, Twista, Disco Stu, Pure Genius

MC’s: Chuckee,

Tickets £10 + b/f if you buy online before 13th September. Log onto:
www.highlyblessedtickets.com £12.50 + b/f after 13th September

£15 + b/f from all good outlets. M.O.T.D.

Info: 0208 340 5060 – 07956 36 36 35

Any1 bustin this up???