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Water is not life, Liquid is.
Dec 8, 2016
Happy to be part of this forum. Been a while since I needed to talk to people sharing the same passion for drum and bass.
I'm an all-types-of-dnb lover: from liquid to crossbreed, also loving the new half-time movement.
Been 3 years since I listen massively to dnb. And I barely begin to go dig for the roots of the genre.
My fav artists are: Noisia, Artificial Intelligence, Scar, Dr Meaker, Teddy Killerz , Agressor Bunx, Alix Perez, Mefjus, Keeno, Joe Ford, Gydra, Memtrix InsideInfo and of course Rawtekk.
My fav labels are: Mayan Audio who always go for nice new dudes, Med School who aren't scared of diversity and certainly Metlheadz for their history, their tradition and their will to go forward as well.
Cheers mates!
Lovin it already


May 27, 2009
Don't worry about White Homo, he's actually a sad 30 something straight dude with a wife & two brown children.

He thinks its funny to spend time on the internet pretending to be gay, in order to troll others.

I hate people like that, fucking losers imo.

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