High Maintenance - Kiloton EP [Ammunition Rec] OUT NOW!!!

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High Maintenance - "Kiloton" EP [ARDIG042]

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Available now at JunoDownload, DogsOnAcid, TrackItDown, Chemical-Records and Beatport

High Maintenance is a Brighton based producer and promoter who got hooked on production 2 years ago. Since then he has worked closely with many other well know producers, by day honing his skills in the studio and by night, testing his creation in and around the Brighton scene to great effect. 2 belters displaying his unique and quality sounds, including great drum programming, tight mixdowns, and some huge basslines!

Ammunition features some HUGE, very talented artists, putting out, and we quote, "Disgustingly massive belters that require your immediate attention!", stated in DOA's / DogsOnAcid (THE largest dnb community) newsletter for top 20 tunes. With releases from the likes of Xilent, DaVIP, Encode, Axiom, Hectix and Nvader to name a few.


For Bookings - frequencydnb@yahoo.co.uk