High End Analogue Mastering for EDM


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Hi guys

Based in London Uk, Audio Animal specialise in high end analogue mixing and mastering. We have some of the industries best equipment including the industries best multiband mastering compressor the Maselec MLA-3 and a full SSL Solid State Logic rack consisting of incredibly high end A/D D/A converters, 24 channel summing mixer, eq, compression and pre amp. For a full list of studio equipment we use visit our studio page here or watch our promo video below. More images of the studio can be found here. Our customer base varies from independent musicians and bands, to record labels and well established artists. Over the last 10 years we have built up our studio to include some of the most sought after and specialist audio equipment, with names like SSL (Solid State Logic), Neve, Maselec, Lexicon, Moog and DBX to name a few.

Audio Animals was founded by cousins Nick Burchall and Paul Ashmore in August 2012. After getting into music from a young age Paul and Nick worked together on various ventures including productions, djing, a record label and starting a radio station. Their true passion lie working in the studio mixing down and mastering for clients. After working for many years for various studios in and around London, they decided to start their own company and build their own client base. After months of creating an amazing brand with Animals and characters ideal for merchandise., they registered the name Audio Animals Limited. Audio Animals is far from just a studio. We now run a multi talented studio which specialise in mixing, mastering, sound design, remixing, production and now an amazing record label.