High Contrast's new album - The Agony And The Ecstacy

probably the gayest set of tracklist names i've ever seen! haha. artwork is really poignant as well........
Quite a Netsky-y sound to it... Better than Netsky! But not old High Contrast at all, and quite disappointing.

This sound change started with Scribble in my opinion. So I blame Underworld.

Thank god for the artists out there who continue to produce good liquid. High Contrast is dead to me
Agreeing with everything above. Do not want at all!

I'm wondering if anyone likes it? Anyone going jump in to say, wow sick. Also, I think it will sell really bad :D. So far all the comments I checked about it elsewhere were the same, it's not a good album.
Worst thing is, I was sure that there would be like 1 or 2 pretty good tunes on there that I wanted to bag, like on say Camo & Krookeds album(Portal & Anubis). It's just all so average... :/
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