High Contrast Essential Mix??

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by FibreOptic, Jan 28, 2005.

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    Alright Chaps

    Im looking for this mix to download, dont suppose anyone's got it in Mp3 format?


    ::: High Contrast
    ::: 09/01/2005

    The Streets - 'It's too Late (high contrast mix) ' (679)
    London Electricity - 'To Be Free' (Hospital)
    High Contrast - 'Twilights Last Gleaming' (Hospital)
    Cyantific - '90' (Hospital)
    Unknown - 'Searching for my Rizla' (White Label)
    Influx Datum UK - 'Sing Out' (Formation)
    Nu:Tone - 'Our House (Calibre Remix)' (White )
    High Contrast - 'Return of Forever' (Hospital)
    Roland Clarke - 'I Get Deep (Accapella)' (Shelter)
    D. Kay + DJ Lee - 'Manipulate the Universe'(White Label)
    John B - 'Without U' (White Label)
    Mind Machine - 'Barcelona (High Contrast Remix) (BC recordings)
    Unknown - 'Delirium remix' (white label)
    Kaos - 'Studio 54' (Human)
    Matrix - 'Trippin Remix' (White label)
    MIST - 'Outer Space' (Soul:R)
    High Contrast - 'Love sick' (Hospital)
    London electricity - 'Born 2 Synthesize' (Hospital)
    FSOL - 'Papua New Guinea remix' (White Label)
    Unknown - 'LFO remix' (White Label)
    Unknown - 'Gypsey Woman rmx' (White Label)
    Nu:Tone - 'Do It/ Feel It' (White Label)
    High Contrast - 'The Basement Track' (Hospital)
    Landslide - 'It's Not Over (Influx Datum UK remix) (Hospital)
    MIST - 'Barracuda' (Soul:R)
    Johnny L - 'Let's Roll' (Pirahna)
    Photek - 'The End Remix' (Photek Productions)
    London Electricity - 'Different Drum' (Hospital)
    Omni Trio - 'Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix)' (Moving Shadow)

    Any info/help appreciated

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    This is a pretty tight mix but keep in mind one thing- it's actually a re-broadcast from 2003! Apparently Andy C was supposed to play on the 9th and wasn't able to make it, so they played the High Contrast one instead. It's interesting to see how fresh a lot of these tracks STILL are even two years later!

    check out www.freshlymixed.com
    You can download full length essential mixes there at 160kbps. It only costs $2.50 a month...it takes a sec to enter your credit card info BUT you can unsubscribe/re-subscribe at any time. Generally if I hear about a mix I just switch my preferences to subscribe, download the mix, and unsubscribe again so my credit card isn't charged for the months I'm not using the site. Worth the $2.50 IMO!