Hi :)

Hi everyone, I've been looking around for forums specifically devoted to dnb production and this to me looks like a good place to start :)

About me: well, I'm probably getting on a bit now being in my late thirties but perhaps there are some others like me around!. I used to play guitar allot as a kid but never really followed it through, then a few years ago friends encouraged me to learn guitar and since then I've never look back. Before you think I've got the wrong forum I've always enjoyed dance music and really like some of the dnb stuff I've been hearing lately (really loving Blu Mar Ten for example) and whilst I have recorded a fair few tracks on guitar I think I've learnt more about the production process and mixing as well as improving my ability on the keyboards/drums. Not sure where this is going but really enjoying creating stuff so far and want to get involved a bit more in the community...so hi :)

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