Hi there !


New kid on the block
Hello everyone, I'm the new guy, 19 from Quebec, Canada.

Where do I come from ?

I discovered DnB at age 9 while playing Rollcage, a PSX game which soundtrack included songs from the EZRollers, Ed Rush, Optical, Ashley Beedle, etc. Back then I didn't know what was DnB and what those kick ass tunes where. Growing up I grew more and more interested in DnB.

What do I listen do ?

Pretty much every single musical genre existing. However, my fav DnB artists are : Klute, Ed Rush, TC, Calibre, and I also like the older Pendulum stuff.

Why did I join ?

The DnB scene is pretty much non existent where Ilive, I needed a place to discover new artists. I also wanted to become a part of the community.

That pretty much sums it up, I'm looking forward enjoying my stay here :)


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hi! im karl. ive got one of them spaghettis in the microwave oven as they call it, and even though it is a tad late to eat carbs (they go straight to my thighs) im going to have to, just this once. i didnt have supper yet and oh theres the bleep from downstairs, got to run