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Sep 5, 2008
hello all,

new here, i run faction music and Re:mission up here in manchester. We are just launching Facton at the moment all the information can be found below. I'm into the darker side of dnb and love my techno and breaks.

Check the info out if you have a sec.

Cheers all


Hello All!

Just a quick one to tell everyone about the launch of Faction Music, a new techno / neuro DnB label
hailing from Manchester, UK. For information on the group, the first press release can be found below.
Check out the tracks signed to the label at any of the sites in the contact info and don't forget to add
us up if you're a member :)

Also, as an introduction to the crew, the first digital releases (FACTIONDIGI001 & 002) will be available
on Monday 1st December. More information, track clips and press sheets for those releases are at
the bottom of this post. Artists on the first release include Walder, Paperlcip, Amex & Purple Haze.

Loads more stuff will be forthcoming, including news on vinyl releases, a tasty new website and info
on events in the UK.


Faction Crew


Amex [DE]: http://www.myspace.com/amextechno
Flame [RU]:http://www.myspace.com/flametenebra
Nu Statik (Nuclear Waste) [HU]: http://www.myspace.com/nustatikdnb
Pandemic [UK]: http://www.myspace.com/pandemicdnb *UNDER CONTRUCTION*
Paperclip [RU]: http://www.myspace.com/paperclipdnb
Purple Haze (Nuclear Waste) [HU]: http://www.myspace.com/purplehazednb
Tenebra [RU]: http://www.myspace.com/tenebradnb
Walder [BY]: http://www.myspace.com/walderby


View the tracks and keep up to date with all things Faction over at any of the sites below.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/factionmusic
Virb: http://www.virb.com/factionmusic
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=15410569673
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Faction-Music/15895222375


To wet your whistles, Faction's digital incarnation will launch on Monday 1st December. All these tracks have
been doing the rounds for some time, smashing dancefloors in their wake. They showcase the immense
talent and diversity within the group, and have been played out all over Europe and the
UK as a result.

Check the press sheet below for more info on the tracks and click the track titles for audio clips.


A // Amex - Krypton
AA // Paperclip - Casual Virus

A // Walder & Boro - Tool Grinding
AA // Purple Haze [Nuclear Waste] - Corrupted


FACTIONDIGI001 & 002 will be available from the outlets below from Monday 1st December 2008.
If you don't already use it, Faction highly recommends 'ithinkmusic'. We have our own store on there with
up to date release info and we really like the user interface. They have a whole bunch of other labels
on there aswell.

Juno Download
Chemical Records

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