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D Sizzler

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Hey all, :wave:

Ive been producing drum n bass for a few years now, never sent off any demos or anything as my confidence is a bit shitty, but finally Ive grown the balls to post some of my stuff to soundcloud :)

My Dad used to DJ acid house parties at the arse-end of the 80's and played out at some rave with the Rat-Pack lol (I was too young to remember where) Im into roots, lover rock and danchall reggae and ska, Dubstep, Drum N Bass (and all its sub-sub-sub genres) I like most music, eclectic taste, other than Pop shit. So yeah, Music is my life really, DJ'd a few parties, Made a few tunes (Not just DnB, Ive tried a couple of styles....) Attended quite a few raves since I was around 15/16 (so 1995-96) my first rave was Roast lol, and my last rave I went to was Raindance summer 08.....

Do me a favour and check out the tracks anyway, let me know what you reckon! http://soundcloud.com/d-sizzler


D Sizzler
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