hi guys its Komski


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Hi peeps , I'll introduce myself. I've been into drum and bass since the early 90's and used to DJ a bit in my youth. but 8 years ago i settled down got married and now have 2 daughters a cat and a crazy dog. Anywho this january i thought i'd take the plunge and sack off playing video games for a bit and invest in ableton and some midi equipment. Its been a bit of a battle learning ableton as its the first program i've ever used, and its the first time i've ever tried to make any music period . But got to say i'm loving it so far , and i could literally spend all day and night messing around with different presets. My gaming is really taking a back seat now , the ps3 barely gets a look in, and music is suddenly my number one hobbie. That being said im moving house shortly and all my gear is packed up, and won't be setup again for another month at least :( however ive just bought a 360 to fill the void for a month which im absolutely loving:)

I've got one tune up on soundcloud and mp3unsigned.com which ill be posting in the drum and bass production forum i guess