Hi from Belgium!!!!

Bonjour à tous!

I'm new to this forum but not to music! 22 years old, living in the formely know ugliest city in the world called Charleroi (yep^^, 50km far from brussels)

I signed up to practice my english talking about my favorite hobby. Soon, i'll move to london for a 3 weeks period, maybe to look for a job and surely getting inspired!!! :p

I've been playing guitar, bass, drums, since i'm 8 years old. I can't stop headbanging when i listen to dubstep (reso, benga, SKISM!!!,...), electro (fuckkk offf, boys noize, mr oizo,...) and drum and bass (sub focus, lifted crew, andy C, ...) Anything that sounds loud, dirty, but clean!

My favourite tools are : Ableton, Massive, and my 25keys midi keyboard controller (berhinger uma25s)!!

Voilà! :p