Hi from Austria :)

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    Hi DNB board :)
    (already a big sorry for my "not good - not bad" english :p)

    I read since 2 days here and the topics are very intresting and the members are awesome and cooperative! So I thought: "I want be a part of thoose people :)".
    The other thing is I can improve my english :D

    My name is Johannes and I come from Europe - Austria - Salzburg (maby you know mozart, it's his place of birth ;) I make music for 2 years with little breaks, but now I started again and it's going to be a bit more serious :).

    Why do I want produce?
    It's simple. I played drums for 8 years but the living situation dont allow me to play longer. I had a band and I had a view gigs and yeah it was cool...I was into metal and dnb. So when I have to give up my drumset I decided to make electronic music because I LOVE it. The complex drums, the basslines and the synths. So I buy a Midikeyboard.

    Now my gearlist:
    - Akai MPK61
    - Microkorg
    - Profire 2626
    - Mackie Monitors
    - korg kaossilator pro
    - cubase (massive, kontakt blabla)

    I must admit that I have too much gear and too little knowledge :D
    But I always thought SHIT I MUST HAVE THAT ..

    nja ...I think with this board the serious producing can begin :)

    Thanks for your time

    Oh and I like the "style" from:

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