Hi everybody

Hey everyone I'm Sagaris from West Sussex UK

Am currently studying Music Tech, Music, Maths and Physics at A2, have played Bass Guitar for over 4 years now and Piano for just over a year.

Got into Drum n Bass about a year ago and it's now without a doubt my favourite music. Got a couple of DnB essentials type CD sets and I listen to Dnb radio. I do however listen very often to Big band arrangements, Jazz (through playing Bass) and Classical music (through playing Piano); I like to keep my mind open to new music and varying styles.

Got an FL 6 Demo back in March (now with a FL 6 Producer Edition), and have experimented on that, literally from scratch and without any guidance and am very interested in soon starting to produce music, mainly dnb.

Any starting advice for, more or less, a dnb noob?