Hi DnB heads out there!


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Hiya people!
I'd like to introduce myself to the community of Drum & Bass
My name is Zaid and I'm originally from Iraq but I've lived in other countries and for now I'm living in Sweden. I'm 22 years old and was introduced to DnB by a good friend of mine, Viktor, who I met in high school almost 5 years ago.
When I started listening to DnB I just couldn't stop. I kept going on and on and on until I got stuck on Liquid DnB which was/is my favorite kind of DnB. Any other kind of drum and bass is also great but I just get the happiest when listening to some liquid stuff. I've been to only one DnB festival which was called Let it Roll, in Benesov, Czech Republic. I LOVED IT! It was amazing! I'm not sure if it's because it was my first DnB festival or just simply because it really was great! Friendly people, great weather, so much space and having to spend 3 days with people who only listen to the same music you do! For almost 90 hours (driving from Budapest and back) it was only drum and bass in our ears. It was awesome!
My favorite artists are Netsky, Camo and Krooked, Wilkinson, Audio and Kongo Natty.
Hope I can get my Drum and Bass culture developed here and discover the greatness of DnB festivals.
Catch y'all later! :)

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Hello there! do you actually live in Iraq? Have you watched Saddam's hanging? Have you recorded it? Were you the responsible for the leaked video where we can see it all? :teeth: