Hi bassmusic lovers !


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Hi bassmusic lovers !

My name is max, i'm 20 and i'm froom france (paris exactly), i've started mixing 5month ago with a simple hercule rmx controller, and now since 2month i'm on the last pionner controller "ddj sx" this shit is pretty cool for making mix !

I Recently participated to the ram records competition -> http://www.mixcloud.com/competitions/ram-brixton-mix-competition/

my mix: http://www.mixcloud.com/Mashok/ram-brixton-mix-competition-mashok/

All i'm asking to you is your support (if you like my mix of course), i need the most views/like/positive feedback as possible !
So if you want to support me, share this mix all around your friends, give me some likes and positive feedbacks and then maybe i wil win the contest :)

For the love of music, mashok !