Hi all

Just came by to introduce my self. Drum&bass is what i enjoy the must in music.
I'm starting a new project:
And i need your help, if you guys have a few time.
My objective is to upload great drum&bass music (all types i guess) so that everyone can listen on youtube (with the best quality possible, because places like soundcloud could have only previews, low quality posts, extracts from podcasts, etc.), to help drum&bass reach to new people and be right there for the actual ravers.
Promote the good stuff.
So if you could go there, leave a subscribe, give me your opinion so far, grab some views and tell me good stuff to upload there, would be awesome.
And im starting to get my stuff to start mixing as well.

Anything else, questions or so, just hit me (and if i cant post this stuff here, just say, and sorry)!

Drum&Bass Addicted