HHD LTD 003 - Chamber One EP by Felix K

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Feb 18, 2009

HHD LTD 003 Chamber One EP
by Felix K

LISTEN "CHAMBER ONE" & "TITAN" NOW: www.myspace.com/felixkbbc

This is a must have; two tunes that tell the story of Drum and Bass actuality. It is also the second release by Felix K on his own label Hidden Hawaii, which stands for sounds so deep you can’t do nothing but move your feet. Both tunes let you know that Drum and Bass doesn’t necessarily need to be all about the breaks, if the groove is really hypnotising.

Chamber One starts out with an intro strongly alluding to Motor City’s finest. The tune slowly pulls you into its very compelling repetitive rhythm. At the same time, it has lots of small details, like a delayed clap here or a minimalistic melody there, to make sure you’ll never loose interest. The bassline is subtle but strong and underlines the very deep and housy vibe of the whole tune.

Titan is pure deepness! The sound of the beat is so unique each element is in perfect balance to the others. Decent hovering pads build up the tension, and your focus switches back and forth between the little percussion and dub sounds and this amazing beat. Then, when the bass drops, you think “it can’t get better than this”. Melodic percussions and sifi pads will trap you in a trance, you’d rather expect from top-notch four to the floor productions. And just to make sure it will stay that way, your focus will switch again in the middle of the tune. Felix K demonstrates once again his skills in programming with a melody that has so much effect with so little effort.

HHD LTD 003 is the strongly limited vinyl edition of the HHD 003 and will be out very soon.

Ditribution by L.O.A.D. Media
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