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Oct 26, 2008
After Dark Radio Newsletter

A Bit About After Dark Radio
Started in June this year by DJ Hakka, After Dark was formed to provide a stable hard working Radio Station for Midlands based DJ's and Ravers. After 2 months we were starting to make a name for ourselfs, bringing in talent such as Dan Blindside, Nursa, Stanza, PCM, Glenn Aston, Noize, Adam Prescott, E'n'D & Blair, Scheme and many more. Originally quoted the Midlands Number 1 Drum & Bass station. Also appearing in Knowledge Magazine the site now has over 7,000+ hits a week and thats growing every day! Also venturing into the world of live broadcasting of Audio & Video from events around the country, firstly starting off with Dirty Freq's in Mansfield the night was a huge success. Being invited back for more streaming on a monthly basis the station was flooded with offers from loads of promotors to get us down to do ADR TV!

Our first live video and audio broadcast was spectacular with Dirty Freq's! Most of the audio and video is up
on the websites downloads page. Video is waiting authorisation from YouTube, we have out own channel
on YouTube where you can view all of our previous broadcasts and shenanigans!
Up next is Lost Hours on the 30th of October from JD's Bar in Sutton Coldfield! Again, all audio and video will
be recorded so make sure you behave! (That’s rich coming from us!)

If you would like us to broadcast from your event then hit us up on the contact details below! We will be more than happy to come along!

New downloads section with sets from our radio shows, live broadcasts and artist mixes from our roster.
New Flash Media Server with up to 50 viewers for ADR TV (Previous was 10 viewers!)
New profile page to share with others registered members.
New Forum
New Media Gallery with pictures from After Dark Radio events.
Unlimited Listener Server with 128kb's Stream
New Chatroom with PM feature, file sending, invites, webcam video window.
If you have are putting a night on and the entrance fee is free we will be happy to promote it for free on the website.
If you would like to advertise your flyer on the frontpage, play an audio advert every hour to our listeners, have your clickable banner published
we can offer a very cheap and satisfying service. With over 8,000 people a month passing through and over 2,000 unique listeners
your event is bound to make a mark to those eyes and ears. We done a little test with a Break-Thru banner and it had 2,000 unique clicks in 1 week!
Imagine a whole month of promotion! The banners are customized so once clicked it will take the clicker to a URL of your choice.
Interested? Contact us on the details below.
Looking For Artists
We are always looking for new artists and producers to get involved. There are still slots to fill so if you fancy a show then please contact us. We will try and schedule all artists for either one off shows, exclusive mix broadcasting or a regular weekly slot. Contact us on the details below.

Chatroom - http://www.afterdarkradio.info/chat/flashchat.php
Website - http://www.afterdarkradio.info
Guestbook -

Contact Details
AIM – Hakka ADR
MSN – afterdarkradio@hotmail.com
Website –www.afterdarkradio.info
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