Hey there!


drum'n'bass propeller
Hey there!
Name's Vadim. I'm from Moscow / RF.
Was sent here by foreign intelligence service to spy on your actions. :twisted:
Just kidding...
In fact got a bit sick of dnbarena.ru (here's my profile, if you're interested for some reason) & decided to change the environment.
Maybe I find it more comfortable here.

A bit more info...
Got first contact with d'n'b at the age of 15 as a clubber/listener. Gosh, it's 'bout 11 years ago!
A lot of things have changed since then, but not my music diet.
Five years past (2003) the decision was made, and I've started training my dj skills.
Three years later (2006) me and two friends of mine have started our own promo-group.
For now I can admit myself a professional dj.
Since 2007 I'm studying Propellerhead Reason. D'n'b production is the next level, I'm gonna soon make.
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