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Hi, I've been a member for a little bit but haven't really introduced myself yet. Here's (more than) a bit about myself:

Starting about 5 1/2 years ago is when I got real into dance music. I'd always been raised around house because my dad would spin some every once and a while. I didn't really know the difference between the styles back then. Then I "discovered" trance and listened to that almost exclusively for about 2 1/3 of my years of dance music experience, getting decks (vinyl) and learning to spin. Then I got real into house, because it had a groove and trance didn't, I briefly returned to trance but was now put off by the 3 minute beatless sections that I no longer had the patience for. Fast forwarding to today (and skipping some of my story) I'm really into the jackin'/fidget/electro house sound and the more aggressive styles of dubstep and drum & bass, as well as the old hardcore breakbeat (rave) tracks. I'm actually a pretty new convert to dnb as I started listening because I found a particular sound I love in Excision & DZ's "Yin Yang" was used a lot in Drum & Bass. I do already have my favorite artist in the genre though, Evol Intent, Ewun, Dom & Roland, and Noisia seem to create tracks that I could blast anytime.

I tend to shy away from the mainstream, which could also be a reason for my love of the aggressive styles of music. Although, I do have a soft spot for Deadmau5 proggy sound, and the occasional pop hit.

I also do my own producing (all sorts of stuff) that sounds pretty weak right now, but I'm doing the best I can with what I have to work with, due to lack of fundage. Right now my current set-up consists of a MacBook Pro & M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2, using Garageband (with various downloaded AU's) as the main DAW and Audacity for sample manipulation/destruction - so nothing special there...

I love DJing and producing music and I'm attending college to pursue a career in Audio Production.

Well, I'll wrap up my excessive self introduction and leave you with a few of the dnb tracks I'm really into right now (below), in hopes that you can guide me in the proper direction of great Drum & Bass. I hope I'll be accepted easily into your community. Thanks if you went through the trouble of reading this.

Muffler - Autumn VIP & Falling 2009
Evol Intent & Mental Sharp - Take That [Ewun Remix]
Evol Intent - Middle Of The Night
Dom & Roland ft. Audio - Peace Keeper
Noisia - Stigma
Cyantific - Disconnected