hey! new to dnb/ spinning/ dnb forum.


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just in the last few months got really into drum n bass, been digging into the local (seattle) scene where the baltic room, onset, kaos theory rock it pretty hard.

i recently picked up a behringer djx750 mixer and a couple numark ndx400 cd tables and have been getting into mixing and really enoying it. i've really been enjoying a lot of stuff from hospital records like nu:tone, subwave and some of the med school releases i've been able to get a hold of, shogun releases, calibre, chase & status, icicle and in searching for more in the way of tunes and mixing tips found dnbforum.com.
it's been really cool to get in with some of the crew here in seattle, i've felt very welcome and excited to get involved and i hope to find much much more music here and learn from other people who have been at it for a while.

any tips in the way of producers/ records along the lines of what i've listed and mixing and set building ideas/techniques would be greatly appreciated. really enjoying to music and look forward to much more in the future!

thanks guys!