Hey, I'm dillinger


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Hey I'm dillinger

Just wanted to say what's up. I had an account here before but lost the e-mail/password, so I re-registered today. I mainly came for a track ID, but then I started looking through all the forums and realized what an amazing community this is. I think I will definitely stick around and hope to contribute whatever I can.

About me: 25 years old from Virginia USA, got into drum n bass and jungle around 2007 thanks to some family and friends that turned me onto it. Since then I've developed a real passion for oldskool jungle. I prefer the type of stuff that lacks all midrange synth sounds and focuses on deep basslines and chopped up amen breaks. The jungle sounds from 94 and 95 seem to have become my favorites. I'm also a real sucker for ragga samples because I was (and still am) a big reggae fan before I got into dnb/jungle. My passion for old reggae tunes is about the same as my love for jungle.

I am always looking for tracks and mixes from that era. I have a decent collection of my own that I have been building up over the past few years and would love to share tunes and mixes with you all!

Thanks :D
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