Drum & Bass (Hey guys) was hoping for abit of help really.


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I'm really interested in XM IT Modules *drum&bass*. Ive completely searched the whole of the internet (and have probably got everything that is available).

I was hoping for someone nice enough to help me by sending some really well made XM modules over (purely for listening and enjoying.). (Ive got aaaaaaaaaaaa fucking load of amazing modules from 98-99-2000-2001. n so on n so forth ( i really want to add more to the colleciton even if its your own works i just love drum n bass (i use to download alot of stuff on

Traxinspace.com back in 90's.

anyone remember LOK?. (Skeptic from diagram records, Thacount,Deginge,Overflow,Techleash,Ganjaman. etc

Anyone like these guys are fucking amazing dnb producers (xm it mod producers). some fantastic stufff.

please just really want some one with some knowledge behind the whole music scene days. thanks i really honestly would appreciate any kind of help thank again.