Hey Everyone. This is Me.


By The Low Road
Hey people,

I'm Olly, and I'm totally new here - not even a lurker!
I've been listening to D&B since about 2004, but havent been very involved in the community or industry. I've purchased various compilations and been a keen listener to the Hospital Podcast since it began.

For the past few years I've been involved in UK Hardcore music, producing some of it under the name 'Archefluxx' and getting one or two releases. Although frankly I'm bored of it... As a genre there's not allot of room for innovation, and the innovation I've seen has been slammed. There's allot of nasty characters and the dog-eat-dog nature leads to hostility and ripping off.

Drum & Bass however has always been - in a way - the sanctuary I can always rely on to suit any mood. Its very flexible and infinitely inspiring. Artists like Architex and Omni Trio in my opinion have cooked up some of the best D&B that have suited my tastes, and you now have Bop, Logistics, Marcus Intalex and many East European artists providing us with the best minimal style beats. I'm also in-tune with the more balearic stuff. Danny Byrd getting A-listed is great to hear.

So yeah there's an insight into me. Hopefully, I'll be here in the long run. Cant wait to see what's going down here and to get involved :)