Drum & Bass Hey everyone... I'm trying to find an old mix by camo & krooked. Can you help me???


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Hey everyone! Like the title says, the mix I'm looking for is by Camo & Krooked. Its a dnb mix from a few years back...maybe 2009 or 2010 but I can't really be sure...that's just when I was in possession of it.
I know the mix had these tracks in it:

Camo & Krooked - Get Funky (VIP?)
Ebony Dubsters - Ra (Original Sin Remix)
Camo(?) - Hit the Road Jack (dnb remix) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRKrCEZqsbg
DJ Hazard - Killers dont die

I FOUND IT..."Camo & Krooked @ FM4 Dogs Bollocks 26.09.2008", filename: Camo_Krooked-FM4DogsBollocks26.9.08.mp3

But I can't seem to find a link anywhere? It got deleted from dnbshare.com for inactivity :(
Can someone upload it if they have it??
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