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    The Netherlands
    My name is Niels and i'm from The Netherlands.
    I've always liked Drum and Bass because of the fast breaks and various of sub-genres.
    The main artists I follow at the moment are; Netsky, Sub Focus, The Brooks Brothers, High Contrast and many more.

    I also create my own Drum and Bass.
    Since 5 years i've been creating and mixing music, mainly Drum and Bass but sometimes some Dubstep and Dutch Hardcore too.
    I started mixing music with Vinyl on 2 turntables, and really suck at it :)

    Via a friend of mine I was able to get my hands on Music Production software. I was instantly hooked on the possibilities it had to offer. At first, it didn't sound like anything, just some samples glued to eachother. Later on, thanks to mixing for a year, I began to understand how tracks are set-up and what kind of samples were used.

    You can check my music out on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/invertedmusic or on my website; www.InvertedMusic.nl.
    Also, all my tracks are free to download.

    I hope to find some inspiration on this forum, and to discover new artists