hey everybody!


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Heya my name is Nate from good ole' USA, best country in the world, haha just kidding. I have been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the last year and am really missing good dnb. There is not much of a scene here, but in a few months I'm heading back to the US to live in San Francisco or Portland.

In the past I have just gone to dnb shows in my hometown Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC to dance and appreciate the music. A few days ago I was listening to an old High Contrast mix and really got excited again! There were some amazing beautiful inspiriing tracks mixed in and it stimulated a desire to learn to dj and get back into dnb. I don't know much about djing but am going to make an effort to learn what I can and have some fun. I am going to post specific questions on the general forum soon.

Thanks!!!!! much love