Hey, DnB enthusiast from Norway


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Hi, I'm Daniel, pleased to meet you all.

Always had a thing for the funky sounds of Drum and Bass, i get a kick from hard nasty basslines and agressive tunes aswell as more chillout stuff like high contrast.

I have been making music on computers for some years, never really serious, and didn't quite get the hang of making Drum and Bass until about a year ago.
I'm here to learn more, contribute and get feedback on some of my productions.

I've recently started to work more with hardware though i still start of every song in Reason. I now own a Roland MC-307, Korg Kaoss pad kp3
and DIGI002 Rackmixer with protools.

So, my next plan is to REALLY learn about analog synthesizing, I've always used presets or samples for basslines, i think of it as "cheating" and now i want to make my own nasty dark lines.