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    Apr 3, 2015
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    So, these past few days i've been wandering the internet in search of a forum I can call home. Some of the ones I've been to ( I won't name names lol) are generally full of selfish, egocentric , condescending , people. I hope I can hangout here for a while and maybe meet some new people and branch out a little bit :). A little about me: I started producing two years ago, I still suck at it, I mainly make neurofunk but want to learn jump up as well as old school d&b, if I didn't already give off the vibe I love d&b, my daw of choice is reason 5 and I still love it to this day, my studio is modest consisting of a behringer euro rack, two krk rokit 5s, and a macbook pro. Other than that I hope I can enjoy my stay here, looking forward to it actually :)