Hey all

Hello everyone!

I have been making music for about a year now, but have started producing DnB music a few months ago. I started with industrial, then moved into dubstep, then drumstep, and fell in love with the genre once I finally discovered drum & bass music. I would say my biggest musical inspiration is certainly Zardonic, and I also take a lot of inspiration still from drumstep artists like Excision and Downlink etc. I love hard hitting drum & bass that makes you want to jump around just as much as dance.

I have been feeling lately that the style of my music is finally approaching something I can be happy with, but I am a technical novice when it comes to production (for example, I don't know much about using the musical scale, and things like beat matching and basic structure escape me at times).

I am going to be posting my music as I make it on these forums for much needed feedback, and will be learning what I can from the community. From what I've seen, there is a limitless amount of talent on these boards, so hopefully I can soak a bit of that in ; )

tl;dr: Hello everyone!