Drum & Bass Hex - Sub:mission Audio Promo Mix

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    Aug 13, 2014
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    To promote my new release for Sub:mission Audio I've recorded a promo mix of my favourite liquid tunes. Check it out :)


    Hex - Grey Skies [Sub:mission Audio]
    Seba - Shades of Me & You [Warm Communications]
    Bachelors of Science - Beats Still Own The Rhythm [Liquicity]
    Dominic Petrie - Riverside Blues [Ingredients]
    DJ Hybrid - Falling [E-Motion]
    Altered Perception - Bridges [Sub:mission Audio]
    Tokyo Prose & Riya - Waiting On [Samurai Music]
    Actraiser - Without You [Fokuz]
    Technimatic - Frozen Leaves [SGN:Ltd]
    Blu Mar Ten - Break It All Apart (Break Remix) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
    Cruel Culture & Keosz - Sorrow [Protect Audio]
    Total Science & S.P.Y - Past Lives (Lenzman Remix) [CIA]
    Rameses B - Once Upon A Time [Liquicity]
    Eveson & Halogenix - Grey Dawn [Ingredients]
    Command Strange - Rock Steady (Lenzman Remix) [Fokuz]
    Mako - A Break From Ritual [Warm Communications]
    Bop - One Way To Mars [Med School]
    Ivy Lab & Frank Carter III - Missing Persons [Critical]
    dBridge & Calibre - Ponderosa [Exit]
    Task Horizon - Dharmakaya Light [Evolution Chamber]
    Intelligent Manners - Everyday Is The Same [Fokuz]
    LSB - Leave [Soul:R]
    Hex - Weightless [Sub:mission Audio]