heres an atmospheric bit im working on


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Aug 8, 2007
wish i had a trained vocalist :(


Feeling beats in intro, got good sound and texture

if im being honest i think the bass sound in intro ruins it :( sorry

Its not very clear, sounds really flappy

Some nice sounds in intro thoughm i think maybe they need to be brighter and wider

im at 1min, has it dropped?

that bass really isnt doing what it should be bro. and drop if this is it, is well too similar to the intro

Yeh sorry man, i think you can use what you have here a lot lot better than you have

Sorry fi that soundz harsh mate, its not meant to be, i think you have a real good idea there and that you could use it alot better than you have

like the stuttery synth in this too

sort that bass and arrangement IMO ;)


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Mar 8, 2003
between a low hum and a high whine

also, i just hooked up with a classically trained vocalist, how cool is that

ive listened to that a few times now, and dude, the sounds are very nice.
sounds a bit old school to me, what with the main break changing ever so slightly, and the moog-ish bass.the vocal snipet is lush as well, but i cant help but think that if you actually had some lyrics in there it would make it much more interesting.

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Mar 24, 2002
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I had a listen too. I have to bitch about that woosh sound its way too loud, whay were you thinkgin man, that amsterdam getting to you already, go back to sweden you lax.

Otherwise have to compliment your beats, i've always admired that piece of your production, jealous like. I tried to ask at DOA what's that emy sampler sound like, anyu of that here?
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