here is the story..


Feb 5, 2002
Estonia Massif
Alright here is the story......ican't get itoff mymindso i thought idshareit with you guys...

i woke up one night alll sleepy and went to the toilet to have a weewee ....
i opened the door, and there i saw this shivering muffball in the corner
so i was like "WHAT THE..?" and kicked it square in the nuts!
and then slowly....the muffball turned around
and it turned out to be one of my bunnies! and it was turning blue in the face.
i wasl ike " oh shit" and slammed the door closed and went back to bed in fear.
then in the morning as i woke up.......i opened my eyes.....
and there was ......a blue bald.....bunny staring at me with a messy face
and all i could say or do was o_0
i bet its because Blonkz stole my nutsack the other night back a few months, i had my initials on 'em and all
imagine that?
i wasall scared
did u shitmyself?
only a a "peeoow" and that was it......i dont think the bunny noticed tho
did the bunny offer to help me clean up my pants?
he was dead pissed on me
he had turned blue and bald overnight
when is the funeral?
imagine urself in that position if u was a FLUFFY bunny smacked in the nads
haha funeral? there is no........he is alive.....just a lil frustrated haha

so hurts to think about it........*tear*
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