DnB Hepnix - new jump-up d&b project

Neural Tech

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Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback:

"Gryphon Grip (WIP)" - Production is wicked at loud volumes. Awesome balance with all of your elements. The Sub is super playful and Techy, I love it! I'd play it.

"Bangooroo (WIP)" - Anthem DnB? This should be interesting... fun build, kinda Super Mario Bros. meets Metroid. Kickass build into the Drop!!! Again, the Production is wonderful and sounds great at loud volumes in my cheap headphones. This is super cheeky, would play!

"Chimaera's Call (WIP)" - This shares a lot of the same patches from "Bangooroo", just with different Percussion and melodies. Boy, you've got that sound dialed in because this Mix sounds fantastic as well, great Production. Another funky, quirky, and Techy tune that I'd play.

"Hydra's Edge (WIP)" - Same thing as "Chimaera's Call". I see what you did now, you came up with some patches and decided to make a few tunes with those patches. Jamming tune, wonderful Production. I'd play it!

"Wolf Style (WIP)" - I love all the dynamics in your tunes. The sound is HUGE and soooo well produced. I'd play this one as well.

Now all you need to do is make 5 more tunes like that and you've got yourself an album. :2thumbs:

Soul Of Seun

May 31, 2016
It kind of feels like I'm listening to the same tune throughout . They are all really similar. Not Like idiosyncratic similar; indicative of a fleshed out style either. They sound like carbon copies. As it stands, the sound design on the synths isn't bad at all. Seems more like you're trying to perfect an idea. But don't forget to try some other ideas too.
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