HENY G - TWUAgency Artist Update Sept 09

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    This Way Up Artist Agency update for Heny G September 2009.


    We've got some great news to share with you about some forthcoming Heny G activities.

    Heny G's highly anticipated release on his Gangsta Boogie imprint is due out towards the end of this month, early October.

    The first huge release will see two tracks by Heny G himself:

    A. Heny G - Retro Love
    AA. Heny G - Arena 1

    CAT: GBM/ASE001


    Following on from this, Heny G will see another huge release on 3.5 records.

    Soul Is Born Through Pain EP

    A. Soul is Born Through Pain
    A1. Colours
    A2. Charger

    CAT: HENRY007


    Also coming soon, Sonic Boom UK will be releasing

    A. Heny G - Lost In Jammin
    AA. Heny G - 1985

    CAT: BOOM001


    Further big news, Heny G will see his debut release on Mala's seminal Deep Medi Musik imprint along side a stack or new tunes and remixes for a number of quality labels in the works (further info tba).


    Get in touch now to have Heny G play at your event and experience the Gangsta Boogie for yourself.

    DJ for Booking Heny G:

    This Way Up Artist Agency.

    E-Mail – bookings@twuagency.co.uk
    AOL / AIM – TWUagency, TWUDubstep and AfterThaEnd
    On-Line – www.twuagency.co.uk/henyg.html
    Telephone - +44 (7979 32 5737)