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May 16, 2009
basically my boyfriend is a drum and bass fanatic and his birthday is coming up.. i want to get him a personalised t-shirt and incorporate something drum and bassy into it .. perhaps a well known lyric or something! but i have no clue about drum and bass so wouldnt no the first place to start!!

Any ideas would be much appreicated thanks!!
or on a more serious note 'let me take you on a trip'.
this is a short lyric sample taken from Logistics - The trip - out on Hospital records.
Does he DJ? If so, can you have a browse through his records and tell us about 10 tunes in there so we can get an idea of what he likes?
Have Mc Eksman's famous slogan 'semi-automatic blap blap blap' on the front in pink letters and a picture of Michael Barrymore on the back. K.
no no no

On the front, he would like this picture:


With the words: I LOVE HATHARD. (he'll get nuff rep for this from his crew)

Then on the back the infamous dnb slogan: "say no to ponytrot"

'pony trot' meaning that awful dubstep music k guys. thanks for listening.

thanks for re-iterating my point.

im glad we could help you today Kaz, be sure to snap a picture of your bf's face when he opens the t-shirt we helped you design, then post it up
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