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    Help - Track ID

    Hello :)

    Well heres my problem....

    Just getting into drum n bass really, my mate lent me some CDs one of which doesn't have any track names on it when played.

    Theres a couple of songs on it that I really want to know the names of, but unfortunately the CD doesn't say, even when played on my PC the tracks are just labeled Track1, track2 etc.... :(

    They are both remixes of other songs, one being Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles, and the other Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) one of the songs from kill bill.

    - Manged to upload them for download, sorry its not streaming. They shouldn't take long though.

    I am sure there is more than one DnB remix of these songs, but if any of you guys could help me narrow down the search a little that would be great! I do know that the album is called "Funky bass" or something along those lines, I have searched for a track listing of CDs with this name but have had no luck yet

    Also, if you have any DJ's to recommend, that would be awesome too :)

    In a bit :drums:
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    not 2 do with the songs
    but i have some djs 2 reccomend
    Andy C Is a quality dj
    DJ Brockie Is a quality dj
    DJ Hype Is a quality dj
    DJ Zinc Is a quality dj
    Mickey Finn Is a quality dj
    Shimon Is a quality dj
    Doc Scott Is a quality dj