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    Just looking for a bit of advise on production...iv been djing for a little while now and i want to get into production...jst wanted some tips on what software/hardware i will need to make my own tracks!
    Also any tips on where to get samples etc from would be agreat help!


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    Before everyone else jumps on you i will start with a............. :sleep: (there everyone you happy :teeth:)

    A good start is Reason or Fruity Loops to get the basics of music production. Reason is good because it has all the different things you need to learn to make sequenced music in one easy to manage program (it is set out like an analogue equipment rack as well which is nice to get your head around)
    Fruity is also good as it allows you to achieve good sounding results with very little confusion (and lost creativity) and the only limit to the quality of sound is the plug ins you use (Fruity is bloody powerful if you learnt the intricasies and it is not a toy or a weak program like some people will tell you.)
    Cubase and Logic are more intricate and detailed and take a bit more knowledge to work your way around but when you do they are incredibly powerful and they will achieve a better sound quality with less effort (once you learn how that is)
    You can rewire Reason to Cubase so it will link the two programs through the Cubase mixer but i find this a bit tricky to get my head around.
    I hope this helps mate?
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    Good advice from Fozzy.
    MY two cents...
    Your gonna need obviously a PC(orMAC) with a dual core chip cos you are gonna be running a lot of progs @ once. Also as much RAM as you can.

    A decent soundcard and you're gonna have to do some research on this so try its a bible for music production.

    The best pair of monitors you can afford cos as every sound engineer will tell you if you can't hear it properly how can you know if its any good.

    Apart from that, one of the progs Fozzy mentioned, plus if you can afford it a few VSTi's/soft synths to keep you happy.

    Also a midi controller keyboard so that you can play all those lovely new soft synths (if you can't afford one yet don't worry you can use a mouse for now, but its very hard to get good results with a mouse (IMO).

    Good sample CD's for DNB you can get here
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    May 23, 2006
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    Computer Music magazine comes with samples that you can play around with.