Help with sound, mix and composition (example incl. of a short track ive made)

Hey guys, i am trying to learn how to make dnb, and need constructive critisizm on some points

1. How to achieve a fat but clean sound (like em proz)

2. If its a bad idea to use FL studio? (IMO i think it works well, but ive heard some people not liking it too much)

This track was made in one sitting (thats my potential excuse lol). Its not important for me to make "pure" dnb, i like to be pherhaps a bit more melodic, then what the genre usually is (ive been doing a lot of other styles of music, mainly live instruments).

Id really really appreciate any feedback on this, Thank you for reading my thread, dnbforum :)

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Hey, man!

Answering your questions:

1) the quality of the track (clean, loud) depends on so many factors, that i'd be listing them here for eternity! Jokes apart, normally you need to choose well the samples you'll use (if you're going to use samples), mixing them well, EQ, sidechain, there's literally thousands of things you can do. Just take care of the clashing sounds on the frequency spectrum. Normally, things tend to be messy on the low end of the track (subs and kicks) so watch them closely. Youtube is your best companion here, man. Just watch some tutorials.

2) FL Studio is as capable of doing DNB as much as any other DAW. Don't get swallowed by the "DAW wars" out there. Just stick to the DAW that suit your needs. I, for example, tried Ableton Live, Reason and Logic, but not one fit my workflow as well as good ol' FL.

Also, keep in mind that there's no "pure" dnb. There's just an overall consensus on what dnb should sound. Music is art, and you can do the hell you want with your art.