Help with older/vintage speakers...

Wasn't sure if this was better suited here or in waffle. I'll also crosspost this to some audiophile forums but I preferred to post here first.


I recently acquired two 20-30 years old BOSE Interaudio 3000 XL speakers and a Marantz PM310 amp with them. I'm not exactly a BOSE fan/sheep but shit they sound good. The sound is perfect to me, I'm real happy with them. The amp, while very old, works PERFECT which surprised me :)

BUT. One of the speakers has issues. Very basically it crackles when playing some bass/sub-bass frequencies (I assume), starting at pretty low volumes. Very annoying. Not all bass filled tunes will do it and you'd never hear it playing rock but for a dnb lover it's quite problematic. (2).jpg

Here's an idea of what they look like. I took the front cover off mine too and it's clear the sound comes from the big lower woofer. It seems to me the sound happens because the woofer vibrates against something inside the speaker.

The foam all around the woofers is completely torn off/worn off. Could that be it? (In any case I am going to order new foam but I doubt that's it personally as they both don't have it anymore and the other speaker never has a fault)

Any ideas? Should I just take them apart and see if something is misplaced/broken and is causing the noise when vibrating?

I'm not computer retarded and could take them apart etc. myself but am no audio system expert at all...

Thanks to anyone willing to try and help :)


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It sounds to me like the fabric in the woofer driver has split or has a tear in it somewhere. This makes the speaker sound like its farting everytime a bassline or kick drum hits.

The only way to fix it is to get another woofer and replace the torn one.